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Birmingham Alumnae Chapter‘s goal is to impart knowledge of fiscal responsibility and empower our communities through financial workshops, seminars for first time home buyers, preparation of wills, financial planning, long term care for adults and seniors, and scholarship tips for parents. 

The Economic Development Committee

addresses issues concerning:    

  • Financial Planning

  • Money Management

  • Consumer Education

  • Investments

  • Employment Opportunities

The Economic Development Committee shall provide programs to assist chapter members and the community to start the journey to financial independence and economic empowerment by engaging the community by:

  • Planning projects and programs that create an awareness of factors that impact financial independence in the community and to develop activities to address these factors.

  • Presenting seminars and workshops on personal financial planning; procurement and entrepreneurship; applying for student aid; and managing and repaying student debts.

  • Researching, compiling and disseminating financial resources available to members in the community and online.

  • Conducting career and job opportunity programs coupled with workshops on test-taking skills, counseling, presentation, and job performance.

  • Collaborating with agencies to assist the community in home ownership. 


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