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Birmingham Alumnae Chapter‘s goal is to impart knowledge of fiscal responsibility and empower our communities through financial workshops, seminars for first time home buyers, preparation of wills, financial planning, long term care for adults and seniors, and scholarship tips for parents. 


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The Physical and Mental Health Committee brings awareness to the community about different health related issues through sponsorship of the following: 

  • Health Related Issues Awareness for Members & Community

  • Walk-A-Thons: Alabama Kidney Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

  • Health and Wellness Workshops

  • Health Fairs at Mall


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The Social Action Committee sponsors activities emphasizing voter education and registration.  They inform the chapter of current national and local issues so that every member will be an informed, effective citizen and voter.  They also encourage active participation of members in political activity.


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Delta Academy 

Young girls age 11-14 are enriched and enhanced as they are prepared for the 21st century


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EMBODI addresses issues related to STEM education, culture, self-efficacy, leadership, physical and mental health, healthy lifestyle choices, character, ethics, relationships, college readiness, fiscal management, civic engagement and service learning.

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Delta GEMS

A natural outgrowth and expansion for the continuation of the highly successful Dr. Betty Shabaaz Delta Academy: Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow, Delta Gems was created to catch the dreams of African American at-risk, adolescent girls aged 14-18. Delta GEMS provides the frame work to actualize those dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a CAN DO attitude.


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