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Through International Awareness and Involvement projects, members of the chapter and the community are given the opportunity to be exposed and broaden their knowledge and understanding of nations other than their own, increase interest in international affairs, and develop a greater appreciation for people of varying backgrounds and cultures.


Birmingham Alumnae Chapter supports the continuation and expansion of the International Awareness and Involvement Agenda. International Awareness and Involvement mobilizes resources and financial support for programs and agencies that empower women and girls, combat hunger and disease, advance human rights, health, education and safety in developing countries.

Foster among chapter members, a sense of global community, an appreciation for other cultures and humanitarian responses to countries devastated by natural disasters, extreme poverty, war, and civil strife.Delta has a rich history of involvement in the international arena. The building and maintenance of a maternity wing at the Thika Memorial Hospital in Kenya, East Africa, to Delta’s identification of 1987 at the “Delta International Year” underscores Delta’s commitment to understanding the world. The “African Diaspora,” a Delta Cultural Awareness/Study Program, focused on the dispersion of the peoples and cultures of Africa through the continents of North and South America, Europe, Asia and the island countries in the eastern and western hemispheres.

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